Letting her colors speak louder than words! Madhumita Mishra is an Art Therapist, passionate about combining art and psychology to create a positive impact.

Madhumita Mishra is an artist who has been passionate about art from a very young age. Her love for colors and sketches has only grown over time, and she aims to use her skills to create beautiful works of art. Creative thinking and a master’s degree in psychology have enabled her to be an Art Therapist. She resides in Bangalore, India, but I have lived in Myanmar, Nigeria, and Ethiopia. 

From her travels, she has developed an appreciation for different cuisines, art forms, and lifestyles which can be seen in her artwork. Her paintings depict vibrant cities, lush landscapes, and unique cultures that capture the essence of each place. Madhumita hopes to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone and explore the world around them through her work.

After acquiring a certificate in Visual Arts and Art Therapy and holding several exhibitions in the countries I lived in, she felt she was ready to help the community around her with Art. Her spiritual path ascended while dealing with the pandemic in 2020. It made her a strong and positive person, and she started my journey to learn and understand hypnotherapy during this time. She came across excellent trainers and guides from EKAA who helped her to grow and understand the objective and subjective parts of the mind. 

She also acquired a Post-Graduation Certificate in Counseling Psychology from Cristian Counselling Center, Velure, Tamil Nādu, which helped her develop her understanding of human behavior. 

She offers a creative avenue to lead a carefree, stable, and courageous life through her session:

  • Art Therapy: Create magic through colors.
  • Hypnotherapy: Connect with the soul through the subconscious mind.
  • Counseling Psychology: Overcome challenges in life through professional counseling.
  • Art commission: Customized oil, charcoal, and water painting.

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